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In the Mind Sports Olympiad (“Intellympiad”) in Beijing Chess, Bridge, Go, Draughts and
Chinese Chess will be played. For draughts 140 players are expected to come to Beijing from
as many countries as possible. The first part of the draughts contribution to this event will be
the tournaments in the versions on 64 cases: Checkers, Russian Draughts and Brazilian
Draughts with a total of 70 players, the second part of the event will be a tournament for the
international draughts also with 70 players.
A committee of 6 persons was elected to organise this event: Mr Bat-Erdene, president of the
Asian Confederation, tournament Director Henri Macaux, Yuriy Chertok from Russia, vice
president of the 64 section Lelio Marcos from Bresil, a representative of the Checkers section
and Frits Luteijn, the new FMJD treasurer.
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